Client Reviews

Julie’s Testimonial:

“Layla is a delight to work with. She makes organizing a pleasure. She never makes the choices for you but instead, helps you find your instinct as to what you need in your life and what you can let go of. I felt so much better when my house was free of clutter. She loves her work and her passion rubs off. A session with Layla is a gift to yourself!”

julie.jpg Julie Daniluk; nutritionist, author and host of The Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show.


Nahanni’s Testimonial:

“Layla is a breath of fresh air. She gently and kindly helped me to see what to let go of, and how much to let go of! I was amazed at the difference in my house, and how I felt. It was like losing a lot of weight, and we did it together with a lot of laughs. Her clarity, humour and good nature made the job fun. Layla has a true talent for her work, and what she did was more than decluttering the house, it was decluttering my life! I highly recommend her services. She brings light into any space!”

nahanni Nahanni Johnstone, model, actress, acting coach (and busy mom                                                    of 2!)



Tara’s Testimonial:

“My life was so stressful and cluttered until Layla came to my place and showed me exactly what was to be removed to clear my mind and the mess. Layla has an amazing way about her and I am very thankful for what she did for me. I know you will be successful and will help so many others the way you did for me. Thank you again Layla.”

FullSizeRender (2) Tara-Lynn Common, Personal Trainer


Lisa’s Testimonial:

“I first met Layla at a “ladies” luncheon that she was guest speaking at, the topic was something to do with the reasons why our lives and homes get cluttered and how to get to the root of those issues to have a successful life and clutter free home and office. I was instantly impressed with Layla’s wealth of knowledge, experience and lighthearted humor. I quickly booked a session with her…that was one of the smartest moves I ever made. I cannot rave enough about her services. She not only helped me get rid of things I no longer needed in my home, she helped me to achieve a crystal clear vision of what I really wanted my home life to be like. I work from home, so that was something very important to me. I wish you every success Layla and thank you again for the wonderful work you did and dedication you gave me.”

lm Lisa McDonald, Freelance writer


Joanna’s Testimonial:

“Where would I be today if it weren’t for Layla Nadda. She is a genius. She has completely changed my life, the way I live, what I allow in my house, what I buy and what I keep. I am so blessed to have met Layla. From the moment we met I knew that she was someone so special. Layla has such a gift unlike any other. She is hands down the best organizer, purger and life coach that one can ever meet. Her extreme patience and understanding is unmatched. She not only cleans the clutter in your home, she gets to the root of why you are so attached to things and allows you to see the blocks in your life that need to be removed in order for you to heal. She has an effortless holistic approach that really works. I am free in my life today because of her. She allowed me to see the empty promise of things that I thought made me happy and she offered me a peace that has never left me. I am honored to know her and call her my friend. I could go on and on… She will change your life! I am her #1 fan!”

joanna Joanna Margolis; a full service event planner, entertainer and class instructor specializing in children’s birthday parties, holiday parties, music classes and special occasions, business owner of Little Jingle Beans.


Janice’s Testimonial:

“Layla was undaunted tackling the clutter and chaos in our small and hectic household of 5 + one big dog! She’s a professional who brings respect, organizational systems, and elbow grease to the rescue. If she wasn’t running a professional organization business, I am sure she could run a Fortune 500 company. Layla, please don’t get too booked up…we are starting another renovation soon!” – Janice Dawe (Pape/Danforth, Toronto)



Angela’s Testimonial:

“I met Layla 6 years ago. I was overweight, depressed and totally unmotivated to deal with the clutter I was drowning in at home. Layla was referred to me by a neighbor who raved about her organizing and coaching sessions. I had used a professional organizer’s services before but found myself in the same rut a short while later. But I decided to take my neighbor’s advice and called Layla to book an appointment and right away started to feel better. She spent a lot of time with me on the phone (which she didn’t charge me for) asking questions and helping me to figure out what I wanted to tackle first and how. She’s a great listener and her enthusiasm is infectious. She came over and within a few sessions my home was miraculously de cluttered, organized and cleaned. She not only helped me get out from under the junk and mess and create some simple systems, she also helped me to identify the bad habits that were creating this cycle that had me back in a disorganized mess every few months. She helped me to become self sufficient. She went above and beyond any professional organizer that I have ever heard of. She continued to coach me and help me find the personal drive and motivation to take control of my life. Because of her continued support, I lost all of the excess weight I had gained as she became my #1 cheerleader…6 years later she still checks in on me as I happily report that I am still organized and training for my latest marathon! Her ability to connect on a personal level is truly unique and special, she had the ability to win my trust and draw me out of the depressive rut I was in. I will forever be grateful for Layla coming into my life. Do yourself a favor and book a session with her!” – Angela Ellis, Computer programmer (wife and mother of 3)


Jessica’s Testimonial

“THANK you Layla! Having finally accepted that I needed some help getting sorted and organized, I contacted Layla for a consultation. Looking back, the only thing I regret is not calling sooner! The process from consultation to completion has been truly painless and actually quite fun and satisfying. Layla has a way of taking charge that relieves you of the stress of trying to figure everything out that needs to be done, while at the same time helping you to take back control of your own home and possessions. She is extremely professional, kind and a pleasure to have in my home. I have recommended her services to all of my friends and coworkers. My home is a home again! Thanks again Layla!” – Jessica Dubford (Riverdale)


Jason and Claire’s Testimonial:

“We found out about Layla’s services from a poster on a pole near our street. We are so glad that we contacted her and that she was able to come over right away and help our family out. We live in a large house with 3 kids…2 dogs and lots of chaos 🙂 ….we were also about to host over 20 people for Christmas dinner. Layla took on this challenge and helped us transform our home into a truly magical place. We instantly felt saner, cleaner and under control since hiring Layla. We already feel she is an important part of our household…thank goodness for that poster!” – Jason And Clair Duboir

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