The Joy Of Fall

You don’t have to become a minimalist to enjoy the benefits of their principles.

As much as I love summer (I shed a tear while putting away summer clothes), there is something invigorating about the fall. The beautiful changing leaves…the crisp air…this season can be a great opportunity to start something new…a fresh new start of enjoying your home, making your space cozy and entertaining guests (Or holing up alone with a good book and some Halloween treats!)….a great time to put away the lazy days of summer and get serious about taking care of your projects.

Take this time to get the ball rolling. I am amazed at how many clients I initially meet, who have slowly succumbed to living out of and utilizing only about 20% of their homes while the rest  of their space (drawers/closets/rooms/basements) are pretty much glorified storage spaces. NO!! This shouldn’t be the case….and the process to come out from being held hostage to clutter should not be a time consuming, painfully expensive endeavor.

We can set some realistic goals and get started taking back your home. Once you get a taste of how wonderful it feels to love your home (ALL of it!!) and you start enjoying the peace that comes with being organized, functional and clean… will wonder why you waited so long.

Layla Nadda
Owner & Organizer 

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