Let’s Make This A Happy New Year


I hope your holidays were wonderful, fun and relaxing! Thank you for all of your gracious comments, holiday cards and well wishes…I really do meet some of the best people doing this “work”! I must use quotations here…because planning….purging….de-cluttering …dealing with chaos, downsizing and navigating through the accumulation of years of clutter is not work to me. It’s my joy.

But – for many of you…it is work. Work you just don’t have time for or the heart to face alone. I get it. This is why people like me were created!

Let’s make this an amazing NEW year for you. Whether it’s a massive project like overhauling your entire home to fit into a smaller condo or moving offices or simply redesigning and organizing a closet….take the hardest step first and get it out of the way….start.

Starting is the first step. And the hardest part. Start….by making a list of what you need to do, what you’d like to do. Even if you have no idea yet how it will get done….simply start with getting some ideas out of your head and on to paper.

And then give me a call. And let’s make this your year. Truly your year! Living a simpler clutter free life is an absolute must for your peace of mind and for a successful and efficient way of life.

Happy New Year,

Layla Nadda
Owner & Organizer 

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