Let’s Make This A Happy New Year


I hope your holidays were wonderful, fun and relaxing! Thank you for all of your gracious comments, holiday cards and well wishes…I really do meet some of the best people doing this “work”! I must use quotations here…because planning….purging….de-cluttering …dealing with chaos, downsizing and navigating through the accumulation of years of clutter is not work to me. It’s my joy.

But – for many of you…it is work. Work you just don’t have time for or the heart to face alone. I get it. This is why people like me were created!

Let’s make this an amazing NEW year for you. Whether it’s a massive project like overhauling your entire home to fit into a smaller condo or moving offices or simply redesigning and organizing a closet….take the hardest step first and get it out of the way….start.

Starting is the first step. And the hardest part. Start….by making a list of what you need to do, what you’d like to do. Even if you have no idea yet how it will get done….simply start with getting some ideas out of your head and on to paper.

And then give me a call. And let’s make this your year. Truly your year! Living a simpler clutter free life is an absolute must for your peace of mind and for a successful and efficient way of life.

Happy New Year,

Layla Nadda
Owner & Organizer 

The Joy Of Fall

You don’t have to become a minimalist to enjoy the benefits of their principles.

As much as I love summer (I shed a tear while putting away summer clothes), there is something invigorating about the fall. The beautiful changing leaves…the crisp air…this season can be a great opportunity to start something new…a fresh new start of enjoying your home, making your space cozy and entertaining guests (Or holing up alone with a good book and some Halloween treats!)….a great time to put away the lazy days of summer and get serious about taking care of your projects.

Take this time to get the ball rolling. I am amazed at how many clients I initially meet, who have slowly succumbed to living out of and utilizing only about 20% of their homes while the rest  of their space (drawers/closets/rooms/basements) are pretty much glorified storage spaces. NO!! This shouldn’t be the case….and the process to come out from being held hostage to clutter should not be a time consuming, painfully expensive endeavor.

We can set some realistic goals and get started taking back your home. Once you get a taste of how wonderful it feels to love your home (ALL of it!!) and you start enjoying the peace that comes with being organized, functional and clean…..you will wonder why you waited so long.

Layla Nadda
Owner & Organizer 

Spring Promotion

Maybe it’s the fresh beautiful spring breeze I’m breathing in or the wonderful feel of the sun on my skin as I put away all of my winter gear…whatever the reason, I am simply on fire to share my excitement and hope for this season with you. Spring and summer should be a time for renewal…a time for fun family outings and long relaxing nights at home. The LAST thing you should be worried about is clutter. Mess. The dread of tackling a clean up job that you’ve put off all year. (Or maybe it’s been years you’ve been promising yourself and your family you’re going to: organize your office/clear out the garage/tackle the attic/spring clean the drapes).

It’s not as daunting as it may seem…not when you can make a new friend like me! Someone who actually enjoys this kind of thing, the truth is – there is alot that you can do. In a short amount of time. The key…secret…trick….is to START somewhere.

Sit down with a pad of paper and a pen and start making a list of everything you can think of that needs to be done. Big or small…right now it doesn’t matter how it will all get done, just start with writing down what needs to get done.

You can start to figure out and set some realistic goals in what can be done and time frames later….but the #1 problem that I see paralyzing people into non action….is non action. Start with something. Make a list. We can then chat on the phone and help you create a personally customized consultation and set some simple goals in what you can do….and what you and I can do together.

For the month of June, I’m offering you an incentive to get started by waiving my consultation fee.

Get in touch with me by giving me a call or sending me an email with what you are looking for, I look forward to hearing from you.

Layla Nadda
Owner & Organizer 

In A Crunch!

Jason and Claire’s testimonial

We found out about Layla’s services from a poster on a pole near our street. We are so glad that we contacted her and that she was able to come over right away and help our family out. We live in a large house with 3 kids…2 dogs and lots of chaos 🙂 ….we were also about to host over 20 people for Christmas dinner. Layla took on this challenge and helped us transform our home into a truly magical place. We instantly felt saner, cleaner and under control since hiring Layla. We already feel she is an important part of our household…thank goodness for that poster!

Transformation…it can seem a daunting process. But it doesn’t have to be. If you have a great supportive team and a clear vision, you can make it through to the other side of your dream…making it a reality. Let’s get started reclaiming your space.


In this project we tackled de-cluttering, redesigning and transforming a bedroom

  • Purging & Decluttering
  • Simple & Effective Organizing Solutions
  • Small One Room Projects OR Complete Home Reorganization
  • Staging & Redesign
  • Downsizing & Moving
  • Estate Clearing

Layla Nadda
Owner & Organizer 


Whether your porch needs a new coat of paint or an extra pair of hands putting together some patio furniture or a whole new lush garden, I am happy to put you in touch with some wonderful contacts I have worked with throughout the years, to help you stay organized during any home project.

You will be amazed at how quickly your property is taken from a mediocre rating to a 5 star review.

Layla Nadda
Owner & Organizer